About DesertDogss

A dog lover through and through! My husband and I have a German Shepherd named Walter (Mitty) and a rescue Labrador Retriever named (Princess) Kala. Walter is a big lug and a goof ball who daydreams a lot; hence the added name "Mitty" and Kala is just the cutest little lab and her name means "princess" in Hawaiian so she is dubbed Princess Kala. I love documenting our dog experiences! Walter is now 2 years old and we are beginning to work on his therapy dog training. Kala is only 1 year old and still needs to learn the basics. Stay tuned to watch their progress and our attempts to be the best, most amazing, dog owners EVER!

Chicken Dog Treats

This is the best idea I’ve come up with yet! Super healthy and “clean” delicious dog treats for my babies ๐Ÿ™‚

I spend A LOT of time training Walter and spent, who knows how much money  (it’s a lot!) on “training size” dog treats that are “made in the USA” and are “healthy” etc, etc…and I got really tired of it! So one day, the light bulb went off and I thought, ‘hey, if I can make chicken jerky, why not make make chicken (training) treats?’ And ding! My life is forever changed (and so is Walter’s and so will Kala’s!)

The chicken is hormone-free, GMO-free, and fresh!! Since it’s made in the household of me, I know there’s no additives, no preservatives, and 110% healthy for my dogs! 

So how do you do it? Bake or grill the chicken breast, season how you want (I don’t season mine at all and they are crazy for it!), and chop it up to little pieces and tah da! Supremely fresh chicken treats for your special friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Just as a preference, because I use my treats for training and I need to be able to handle it more without it falling apart, I bake the chopped up pieces a little more to dry them out – and keep it refrigerated! I usually make 2-3 big chicken breasts at a time (that’s a lot of treats!) and usually use it all up withing a week (Walter is a big guy and we’re training a lot). It may keep longer than a week in the fridge but it’s never lasted that long ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, happy treating and let me know how it works out for you!